Special Summer Shakes are a great way to cool off and give the kids a great year-round treat at the same time. Prime Burget Bar proudly serves milkshakes that are “hand-spun,” which is the kind of phrase you’re used to seeing on our menus and signs. But what does it actually mean? The answer is pretty straightforward: A hand-spun milkshake is made by a human being who puts ingredients into a container and blends them together perfectly and then finishes the shake by hand.

While it might seem like the obvious approach to crafting any milkshake, many fast-food chains do not actually hand-make theirs. At McDonald’s, for example, the milkshakes are machine-made from “shake syrup,” which almost makes them a different thing altogether. Perhaps that’s why they’re referred to as “shakes” and not milkshakes on the menu.

Because one of the big draws of the Prime Burget Bar Commack hand-spun milkshake is the fact that it is fully customizable, starting with an expertly crafted base means that you’re pretty likely to end up with something that tastes good, whether you choose classic vanilla shake with nothing but a little bit of whipped cream to one of our special shakes.

Besides using fresh, natural ingredients, there are several other ways that Prime Burger Bar Commack differentiates itself in a sea of fast-food restaurants specializing in burgers. Team members from the front of the house to the kitchen are trained to hold themselves to the highest standards of food safety and preparation, and in another out-of-the-box move by the Prime Burget Bar team, we exceed all safety standards not only for our health but yours. Our restaurant is safe, clean, and meticulous about our and our patron’s health.

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